Not everyone is clueless when it comes to storage solutions. I have run into many IT people who really enjoy staying on top of the current trends and equipment. They take pride in being able to talk storage with the best of them.

If your IT shop is lucky enough to have people like this in it’s staff, then you probably have a smooth running shop. However, you probably also have a few ideas about how to make things run better. Do you dare test them in your live environment? I can understand your hesitance to experiment where critical data is stored.

Zerowait has a solution for you! Zerowait can use their vast knowledge and access to equipment to help you test your innovative ideas in a real world environment, without putting your data at risk. Zerowait can duplicate your current system, then test the changes, run them, and make sure your data will be safe! Once everyone is convinced that the idea is helpful and safe, Zerowait can then help you implement the solution in your live environment.

Just another way Zerowait can help keep you safe and growing all at the same time!

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