Transferable licenses – Yes, Zerowait has them – CIFS, NFS, Cluster & Snapmirror!

I am asked this question daily, but because of Jon Toigo’s article in searchstorage we have gotten a flurry of calls today. NetApp does provide transferable licenses. You just have to negotiate it into your Purchase Order when you buy new equipment.

By the way, Dave Hitz was reviewing the issue two years ago.

From: Dave Hitz (
Date: Tue May 06 2003 – 12:50:50 EDT
I don’t know how our license database works, but it seems to me that even if we don’t know all the add-on licenses that have been purchased,… . I’m sure there are legal andoperational issues, so no promises, but if other companies have figured this out, it seems like we ought to be able to.

Dave Hitz
EVP Engineering and Co-Founder
Network Appliance

By the way, IBM figured it out years ago.

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