The phones at Zerowait have been ringing off the hook about transferable licenses for NetApp filers. Ever since Jon Toigo and Mike Linett posted blogs about transferable licenses, people want to know what the real answer is. Many people believe the propaganda that there is no such thing as a NetApp transferable license. If all they read is information put out by NetApp, I understand why.

The question has been out there for a long time, and the customer wants to be able to buy and sell used equipment. It is a way to help balance the IT equipment budget. When pressed about the issue, Leonard Iventosch told Jon Toigo, as NetApp officials always do, it is “an idea worth exploring.” How long should they have to explore it? The question has been out there for years!

In 2003, when the subject came up, Dan Warmenhoven , NetApp’s Chief Executive Officer, was quick to point to this statement from NetApp’s website, “All Network Appliance software license terms and conditions specify a “license to use,” therefore software cannot legally transfer from one owner to another. Anyone purchasing used hardware equipment must also purchase new software licenses directly either from Network Appliance or from an authorized Network Appliance reseller. Software includes all protocols as well as streaming licenses, Snap products, and other software. Anyone trying to sell you “used software” would be violating the terms of the license. Support contracts such as warranty and maintenance agreements are also non-transferable.” This has been their official word since the beginning of NetApp, but I know it is not the case.

OK, you can buy their “Brooklyn Bridge”, or you can call Zerowait and find out how you can buy USED FILERS with LEGALLY TRANSFERABLE LICENSES. If you buy a filer from Zerowait with a transferable license, Zerowait will handle the transfer of the license, through NetApp, for you.
Why be shocked by the high price of a new system, when you can be pleasantly surprised that you can legally own and operate used NetApp for much less!

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