I got back last night from a great trip visiting our customers in Europe at the ASCDI
meeting in London. It was my first trip to London and I found it a very nice place, it really did not seem much different from any other major city. If you have time, I recommend going to the Science museum which is behind the Albert Hall. I wish I had another couple of hours to go through it.

Most of the folks at the meeting were interested in how we could help them provide more value to their customers. NetApp is telling their customers that they must upgrade to newer filers and then NetApp’s sales folks tell the customers that the price of service and support of older systems is going to go up so it makes sense to upgrade. It sounds like twisted logic to a lot of our customers.

As readers of our Blog know – Zerowait provides affordable service, support and upgrades for NetApp equipment. We supply Next Business Day (NBD) parts services to many of the Fortune 100 companies who want to keep their older NetApp systems running. So if NetApp is telling you that you must upgrade, why not give Zerowait a call? There are other alternatives to NetApp for service and support .

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