Last week I was having breakfast with a customer who was complaining about the limited lifecycles of most IT equipment. He went through the usual list of problems that are caused by manufacturers who only support the current and last generation of products. He knew that we were supporting many generations of NetApp products and he complimented us for saving customers a ton of money by allowing them to maintain older equipment for the medium term, but beyond the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) . He wanted to know why we don’t cover more brands of equipment.

The reason is simple, our engineers can ‘t be the best in multiple brands, so we specialize in one thing, and it is NetApp. Many companies sell & support many different brands of equipment. When we sold new NetApp equipment, we only sold NetApp storage. Well over 90% of our business is service, parts and upgrades for NetApp equipment. Zerowait is commited to providing outstanding NetApp service and support, and our customers share the rewards of our dedication to this purpose.

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