“Diligence is the mother of good luck.”
— Benjamin Franklin

Over a week in the office I probably speak to an average of 20 different customers. And every week our engineers probably speak to the same number of customers. I can’t provide an average week’s shipments, because some days we have a lot of small boxes and other days we have a couple of big pallets shipping, some days we have a mix and some days we hardly ship anything at all.

Some days we are making complicated system quotes and some days we are simply quoting out parts and upgrades. Some days we are out and about visiting clients and some days we are entertaining clients in our offices.

And we must be doing something right. Because every week we gain new customers, who like our commitment to providing the best service, support and upgrades for their NetApp equipment. So, if you need a transferable licensed NetApp Cluster or just a Gig card please keep us in mind, we would like to hear from you! And I hope you can join the Zerowait family of satisfied customers.

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