Last week a customer called us up in a panic. They needed 28 DS 14 36GB drives in a hurry and wanted to know if we had them. We checked our inventory found we had plenty in stock and said that we did have them and could ship right away. He said he would call us back, because NetApp told him they could not ship immediately and he was desperate. He called NetApp and told them Zerowait had the drives and could ship them immediately. NetApp then had a person drive our customer the shelves right away. He called us up and told us what happened. I was very sad to lose the sale but happy to help a customer. Other customers have shown Zerowait Quotes to NetApp in order to help them get lower prices on NetApp new gear and licenses.

If you are trying to get NetApp to quicken their reactions, or lower their prices give Zerowait a call. There are many ways to get a better deal out of NetApp, perhaps the best is to ask for the Dave Hitz Discount “We have a single software system, and we can cut our prices to gain market share,” he says.

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