NetApp customer outraged by bizare Software support quote from NetApp!

On Thursday , we received a quote by fax from a NetApp F760 customer who received a quote for over $74,000.00 for his ongong software subscription. He called us to discuss this hilarious quote. He was laughing , but he was astonished and quite aggrevated also. How could they charge this much for a subscription for a software package? If I did not see the Quote with my own eyes I would not believe it.

Perhaps NetApp needs to make money on the backend because they have been giving too much away to gain maket share Dave Hitz, cofounder and head of engineering at NetApp. “We have a single software system, and we can cut our prices to gain market share,” he says.

I don’t know of any customer that likes to be bullied by their vendor, and this latest pricing tactic seems to be a way for NetApp to either force customers to upgrade their perfectly good storage systems or to pad NetApp’s profits. The uninteded consequence of this pricing structure will be to drive customers away from NetApp products, because the ROI of their products just skyrocketed.

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