Disaster Recovery or Disaster prevention!

Over the weekend we watched as another Hurricane hit Florida. It brought to mind the problems of backup strategy and business recovery. At Zerowait, we reviewed our backup strategy and decided to implement a Disaster Prevention Strategy. For us it was easier to create a secondary site which we could mirror data to then it would be to create a complete emergency Disaster recovery solution. The benefits of our system are easy to quantify. We can test by simply switching our DNS to point to our other data center. When we need to do maintenance in our Newark Data Center we simply cut over to the Wilmington Data Center at the beginning of a work day, there is no interruption in our business tasks, and our engineers can do their maintenance without causing business problems.

Some our customers, have expressed interest in our strategy and Zerowait’s engineering staff is helping them create a similar Disaster Prevention Strategy using transferable licensed NetApp filers. This helps them save money while increasing their data integrity. We are now working with some customers on implementing their Disaster Prevention strategies using our two data centers, because our customers know they can depend on Zerowait to provide them with affordable NetApp solutions for their critical data storage requirements.

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