Commitment to reaching your Storage and budget goals

It takes teamwork to achieve the goals of high availability storage and long term return on investment. Yesterday a BIG Government Agency called us because NetApp has stopped supporting their equipment. No parts Available from NetApp for his F630. When faced with the alternatives of vendor mandated upgrades and reducing his costs per terrabyte of high availability storage, this IT decision maker needed a trusted ally. Zerowait works with you to get your money’s worth from your NetApp investment. We stock the parts, we fight on your side.

As the largest third party service and support organization focusing on NetApp equipment we are stunned when we read statements like this from NetApp employees …
Joel Reich, senior director of product marketing at NetApp, said bundled SANs are being sold more for ease of configuration than for cost-cutting. “We’re not in the camp of trying to find out ways to knock pennies out of the cost of Fibre Channel. Fibre Channel will never get to the cost of Ethernet,” he says.

Shouldn’t NetApp be working on ways to reduce your costs of storage management? If they were able to reduce the costs of managing your storage infrastructure, you would be able to invest in staff instead of buying overpriced software licenses and hardware support agreements. Zerowait is fighting for you every day to reduce your costs of NetApp service , support and upgrades.

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