Substance over Style

As a child I used to watch Speed Racer, and I loved the simple story lines, good always triumphed over evil. And Speed always won every race by figuring something or other out just in the nick of time.

Business success is based on a repeatably successful system and a team dedicated to building that success strategy. Speed racer and his team worked things out together and there are a lot of good business lessons to be learned in that cartoon series! Business reputations can be ruined by creating an image that can’t be sustained under real life situations. Asking your team, or your vendors, to create a series of one off solutions can end up costing your company a lot more than money, it may create a system which is not repeatable, and therefore risks your data recovery.

Current events show that many companies can’t securely transport their tape backups and when they can’t, they are unable to quickly and accurately restore their data for their critical business functions.

Statically these occurrences may be insignificant, but the fear of losing critical business data weighs on the conscience of every business person. If data integrity is important to your business, then data loss is not an option. Zerowait can help you create a successful storage strategy that includes the methods and tools required to manage your critical business data. And our solutions can help you quickly test and improve your data integrity statistics.

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