“Too many people miss the silver lining because they’re expecting gold.” — Maurice Setter

At a breakfast the other day with a customer of ours we were discussing how unbelievably reliable NetApp equipment is. We have customers running versions 5.X in Unix environments that have not done anything to their equipment for 4 or 5 years. I explained that the reliability is what attracted us to work with NetApp in the late 1990’s because our vision was to provide our customers with High Availability solutions. Many of the units that Zerowait sold while Zerowait was a NetApp Reseller and Registered Service Provider are still in operation today . For most of our customers, there is a need for Reliability, Availability , Scalability and Predictability. And we take each of these words very seriously.

Reliability – To Zerowait reliability means that the services and equipment that we provide will provide our customers with the highest levels of support and uptime possible. We do this by running all of the equipment we support in our own facilities and we keep our own production environment running on systems like we support for our customers.

Availability – High Availability is not just a phrase, it means that Zerowait will support the products our company sells, as long as we can get the parts for the equipment. It is our commitment to providing reasonably priced support for legacy products that keeps us in business.

Scalability – The reason Zerowait wanted to work with NetApp in the 1990’s was that we realized that our customers were deploying products quickly and needed an easy and reliable solution for their databases. NetApp’s products were very easy to upgrade and they remain so. providing affordable storage upgrades to NetApp customers remains one of our most satisfying business sectors. Zerowait helps customers increase storage capacity while staying within their budget everyday.

Predictability – Zerowait has been in business since 1989, and we plan to be here for many more years, no matter what happens to the manufacturers’ products we support. We just updated a big multinational chemical companies F840 service and support contract for three years. So we will be here for a while yet!

Our commitment to providing High Availability equipment and support to our customers has remained consistent throughout our history, no matter what the latest industry ‘Gold Rush’ was. And our commitment to our customers is the Sliver lining of partnering with Zerowait for your NetApp storage . Our customers recognize that they can depend on Zerowait to provide them with affordable service, support and upgrades for NetApp storage equipment. And our competitors know it also.

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