“When you work seven days a week, fourteen hours a day, you get lucky.”
Armand Hammer

Today our engineers are doing an installation of a transferable licensed F840 with a couple of TB of disks at a client of ours in Maryland. The client called on Tuesday because his filer was running at capacity and wanted to know what affordable options we could put together before the weekend for him. Working within a tight budget, we put together a solution for him that will meet his storage requirements today while leaving him plenty of room to expand in the future. We had to rearrange our schedules a bit to accomplish the task, but putting the customer’s needs first remains a priority of our company.


How long will it take to get a replacement drive?The Netapp nearly requires drives purchased from Netapp. Once we were a bit shocked when the “next business day” for Netapp to replace a drive which failed on June 31st was July 6th. The explanation? It was past noon on the 31st. The 1st and 2nd were a weekend. The 3rd was the day before the 4th and everyone had been given an extra day off. The 4th was of course a holiday, and the 5th was the earliest ship date, for delivery on the 6th. They offered (and we accepted) same day delivery for a $500 surcharge. They called this “sudden” service.


Many customers, and NetApp Resellers, depend on Zerowait to have the parts they need when they need them. Zerowait stocks Ready To Ship Filers, drives and storage shelves. Unlike NetApp, which may take two weeks to ship a simple order, we usually can get customer parts orders out right away. Using our on line store is a great way to speed up the order process, but you can call us also at 888.811.0808 . However you contact us, we hope you will join the growing family of satisfied Zerowait customers.

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