Stratregic Leadership in the storage industry.

Today our engineers are doing an installation at a Data Center near New York City. The area between Washington DC and Boston represents about 25% of our NetApp service and support business. As the leader in NetApp service and support it is natural that our local customers ask us to come on site to help them with Data Migrations and upgrades. But in reality since we are between Philadelphia airport and BWI it is just about as easy for us t go to Oakland, Boulder or Seattle as it is for us to get to Boston. And so our engineers travel a lot, and so do I.
Frequent conversations with our customers have revealed that our customers work with us and follow our advice for a variety of reasons including a track record of successful installations and migrations, trust in our professionalism, follow through and reputation, and the thrill of completing a project on schedule. Our customers often contrast us to their hardware vendors’ Account Managers and sales folks who are so obviously compensated by making their short term sales numbers instead of creating long term trusting realtionships.

My job as President of Zerowait is to build relationships in which our employees can provide creative support solutions for our customers’ NetApp storage solutions. Our customers recognize that we have built a team that is dedicated to building the leading company in this niche. We look forward to working with you on your next strategic storage upgrade or support solution.


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