Dave Hitz of NetApp has a new blog!

I wrote the following note on Friday to Dave welcoming him to the Blogosphere.

TO : daveblog@netapp.com

Hi Dave:
Welcome to the blog world, your input and thoughts are going to be widely read I am certain.

A few things that I find our readers are most interested in are:

1) The issue of transferable software licenses

2)The cost of storage

3)The operational costs for running more storage than you require for current storage demand

4) Storage performance testing

I hope that you will participate in my blog occasionally, and I also suggest that you read Jon Toigo’s blog at www.drunkendata.com , my blog is at Zerowait.blogspot.com

Best regards,

Dave Hitz is one of the sharpest guys I ever met, I hope that he will provide insights into the storage world and how NetApp users can get the most out of their storage investments.

Zerowait mentioned in article in Processor

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