Storage support – not just a day at the beach!

Providing top notch storage support services certainly takes a lot of time and commitment. This week I have to travel to visit our customers in Colorado. Compared to Delaware, Colorado is a mighty big state! Visiting customers is the only way that we can learn what customers need and what their problems are. And I have found that our customers appreciate that I come out to visit them. A typical month, will see me traveling 10 days around the country to visit our customers.
Recently, we have seen a large increase in our NetApp support & service business. Many companies are purchasing our three year support contracts, which seems to mean that many customers expect to be running their 700 series and 800 series equipment for a long time to come. Zerowait will continue to provide affordable service and support for this equipment for as long as there is a demand for it. I hope you will keep us in mind if you are looking to reduce the costs associated with your NetApp maintenance.

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