Where are you going with your storage architecture? What is your destination?
Are you looking just to solve today’s storage problems or do you have a 3 to 5 year strategic storage plan?

Most of the customers we deal with on a regular basis have a strategic storage plan. They like their NetApp equipment and they plan to stay with their architecture for a few years. One problem that these satisfied customers run into is that they have a homogeneous environment that is easy to maintain and has a single type of Storage shelf and head. But if they need to add equipment they find that NetApp has superseded their units. So they must either purchase a dissimilar unit or find a secondary source that stocks older equipment.

Often they find Zerowait, and are happy to learn that we not only stock the equipment, but also have transferable software protocol licenses from NetApp. So if you are looking to expand your superseded NetApp equipment, please give us a call. Zerowait stocks a huge variety of NetApp equipment at affordable prices.

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