Affordable NetApp service and supportno matter where you are

Over the last few years we have built an international business providing parts, service and support to Network Appliance users. Typically, NetApp customers call us after their initial warranty has expired and NetApp provides them with a service and support quote which is quite expensive. A few months ago, NetApp quoted a midwestern state government over $100,000 for their F760 service and support. Our quote was considerably less and Zerowait got the business.Recently, we started receiving requests to provide three (3) year service contracts to our clients. And now we have created a three year ZPA service and support plan that provides our customers with long term storage support and services at a very reasonable price.

If you have a large NetApp infrastucture and are looking for ways to reduce your operational storage costs, please give us a call. Zerowait has an excellent reputation for providing an affordable alternative to NetApp for upgrades, service and support.

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