Competitive pricing for NetApp support

The other day I was talking to a NetApp customer and I asked what I thought was a very simple question. ‘Have you ever gotten a competitive price quote on any of your NetApp equipment.’ His answer was ‘no’. I asked him “why not?”

It always seems odd to me when I run into a customer that does not want to get the best price for his storage infrastructure’s components and support. But I am also surprised that the NetApp customer that spends $500,000.00 on his Filer will not negotiate the Contract terms of NetApp’s contract. Why would the same person who negotiates on terms on his new house or his new BMW or Lexus not negotiate with NetApp? Why not ask for transferable licenses for your NetApp filer? Would you buy a BMW if you could not sell the right to use it after three years? Why not ask NetApp to allow you to discuss the performance of the filer with other people? Can you imagine not being able to talk about the performance of your BMW? According to NetApp’s contract you can’t discuss performance.

There is something very odd in the marketing and sales of enterprise storage equipment. Why don’t customers think they can negotiate better deals on their new equipment from NetApp? A simple tactic when negotiating for upgrades or support with NetApp is to ask Zerowait for a competitive quote for upgrades, service and support. Show them our quote and see if they change their prices because of competition, it can’t hurt to try!

Zerowait provides excellent and affordable options for NetApp upgrades, service and support.

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