Uninterrupted Email on a budget – saving your tax dollars!

A couple of years ago we started working with the folks at NASA on a storage solution for their email. It was a pleasure working with the folks at NASA as they were dedicated to creating an email solution on a budget – performance and reliability were important, not a slick sales presentation. The engineers at NASA realized that they could use transferable licensed NetApp units and Zerowait support services and save the taxpayer a small fortune. A few of their engineers came to our Demo Lab and worked with our engineers to develop a completely redundant solution. They no longer have to worry about losing emails, and the system has been running reliably for a couple of years now. If you would like to know more about this simple and reliable email solution, send us an email and I will forward it to the NASA engineers for you.

Zerowait helps many companies develop high availability solutions that provide security through disaster prevention. Although today our company is known for providing affordable storage solutions, we still do a lot of work with companies helping them engineer high availability solutions of all kinds.

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