Synchronizing time
It seems like such a simple concept. But when you have storage networks that span a wide area, things can get pretty complicated pretty quickly. When you are trying to move data between networks that are not synchronized, things can really get out of whack in a hurry. When critical storage devices have to fixed now, and not tomorrow, many NetApp customers rely on Zerowait.

Recently, we were working with a customer who has a NetApp cluster and things were not working correctly for him. He called us up, and told us his problems and our engineers started parsing out the issues. Once our engineers got all of the issues with firmware upgrades, volume sizes , dead disks and network issues figured out we were able to help them solve their problems pretty quickly.

Benjamin Franklin said ‘time is money’, and our customers recognize that when it comes to critical data storage infrastructures it is better to have the engineers at Zerowait on your team rather then wait to get things fixed Manana!

Zerowait provides expert advice on configuring NetApp storage systems, in addtion to providing an affordable alternative to NetApp’s high prices for service, support and upgrades.

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