Watching an expert sand casting a mold recently, I was reminded of the time and expertise it takes to properly configure a Storage Network. So many of the storage installations we work with are set up with the general configurations suggested by the manufacturer and are never performance optimized for Structured (database) or unstructured data.

With NetApp equipment in particular, there are lots of settings that have to be addressed to maximize performance. And our engineers are working with customers daily on helping them optimize their performance with their NetApp equipment. NetApp systems need to be set up right and also these settings need to be reviewed whenever you upgrade to a new version of OnTap. As NetApp upgrades firmaware and adds features sometimes things need to be tweaked. Zerowait’s engineers help customers around the world to optimize their NetApp performance. So, if you have NetApp systems that are not performing as well as you would like, why not give us a call? Zerowait’s engineers may be able to help you get your performance back.

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