“All vendor demos are boring. It’s the law, I think “ Scott Adams

That certainly is the truth, some of the powerpoint presentations I have listened too were worse then getting my wisdom teeth out. Why is it that sales and marketing folks take so long to tell you about their Gartner magic quadrant reports and their value propositions?

Why can’t they just provide easily verifiable features, benefits, costs and life cycle figures for their equipment, software or support?

At Zerowait we know that you are busy, so here is our marketing pitch:
At Zerowait we provide affordable service, support and upgrades for NetApp equipment. We provide our customers with hardware support contracts varying in length between 1 and 3 years. Our hardware support costs are typically between 50% and 60% of the OEM’s cost for support.

Here is our sales pitch:
We are recognized as the leader in third party service and support, if you send us your filer’s weekly logs we can provide you a service and support quote for your NetApp equipment. Additionally, we can provide you with a sample of our Exception Reporter service which will may help you increase the performance and storage utilization.

That was easy!

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