It is always interesting to see who hits the Zerowait websites and Blog.

Lately NetApp ( ) has been stopping by a lot, and so has their attorneys Bowman and Brooke. ( . The folks at Hitachi stop by a lot also ( ) , we also see a lot of visits from EMC (psuedo-nat The most popular site that people hit us from is, and second is Google is the most popular search engine that sends people our way.

I am always amazed at the number of hits we get from overseas. And how many people are interested in my opinions. I appreciate your visits and also your comments, and I hope that you find my perspectives worthwhile. I remember that John Wanamaker said something like his advertising was 50% effective, he just did not know which 50%. Sometimes I feel the same way.

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  1. Jeremiah Owyang says:

    It’s intersting to watch the watchers. I recently created this industry wiki, (a website anyone can edit) as a resource to the storage industry

    It’s primarily links to existing information sources, kind of like an ‘index’?

    Of course, the zerowait blog is on this list,

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