Customer comments

On Monday, we had a customer call us up because they were having a NetApp problem in their New York City Data Center. They wanted us to take care of their problem for them because they are physically located in Russia.

We sent an engineer up on the train on Tuesday morning and took care of their problem. Taking care of problems with NetApp systems is what we do, so it all seemed pretty routine to us. Imagine how happy we were to receive the following comment from the customer via email this morning.

As of yesterday afternoon EDT, NYDR is back in operation.

I would like to point out the service we received from Zerowait was prompt,
flexible, and 100% professional -- they truly met our needs the best it can
be done. The downtime was minimized as much as possible.

Providing an affordable alternative to Netapp for Service, Support and Upgrades is what Zerowait specializes in, and we really appreciate it when customers notice.

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