” We simply can’t afford NetApp pricing and have moved in a different direction”

This is what a former NetApp customer told me as they were trying to sell us their old NetApp system which they loved. And since his Purchasing Agent did not write ‘ Transferable licenses required” on their PO when they purchased their system from NetApp, they only have a residual parts value.

So many people call us up after they have turned off their filers. They complain about the price of continuing maintenance from NetApp & how NetApp’s pricing forced them to move to another system. Although they love their filers, they have gone to an inferior product that is affordable.

When we speak to them and they hear that Zerowait provides an affordable alternative to NetApp for service and support they are quite dismayed, because they did not call us sooner. Before you give up on your filers CALL ZEROWAIT 888.811.0808 . We offer affordable service and support for NetApp.

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