Fighting Vendor lock in with outstanding Performance, support and reliability

Over the last week I heard many times about how much NetApp’s customers appreciate Zerowait’s service and support. They were tired of paying high prices for their service and support from NetApp and are really happy that they found our affordable alternative to NetApp for service and support. Surprisingly, I heard from one customer that a competitor to NetApp recommended us as an alternative. This customer really did not want to buy the Brand ‘E’ unit, and their salesperson told them to contact us for legacy NetApp support. It really sort of makes sense, because the Brand ‘E’ salesman fights the NetApp lock in by suggesting us, and also gains points from the customer because the customer appreciates the advice.

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  1. StorageMojo says:

    Captain, over at my blog I’ve made what I believe is a reasoned and constructive argument against the the Storage Revolution effort. While laudable in intent, open storage management is flawed strategically and will fail.

    I offer an alternative that, IMHO, has a much greater chance of success: create an open source disk array. I’ve laid the whole idea in greater detail at .

    Until we start driving the profit out of proprietary arrays, no vendor has incentive to change. A service company such as Zerowait could profit handsomely by supporting the resulting product.

    I look forward to your comments.


    Robin Harris

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