We are made wise not by recollection of the past, but by the responsibility for our future – George Bernard Shaw

When choosing an enterprise storage device many organizations make their decisions based on what their sales person says and by reading the manufacturer’s marketing brochures and paid analyst studies. However, if these same folks were looking at making a purchase from their own personal budget for a large ticket item they might do some further research. When buying a car many people research in consumer reports, when looking at houses people with children usually check out the school district and the property taxes. When making an investment in storage where can you look for unbiased reports on reliability and performance? The Internet helps in these searches, but it is very hard to find reliable sources of information that can predict the performance of a particular piece of networking or storage equipment within your organization’s IT infrastructure.

Predicting equipment longevity from looking at past performance of the company is much easier, you can ask people how their equipment is performing and what is the parts availability and service and support costs for equipment. Some companies provide excellent legacy service and support, and some companies like to force their customers to upgrade to new equipment every couple of years.

Zerowait provides affordable legacy service and support for NetApp equipment. This can lower your ROI on storage equipment substantially, there are other companies that specialize in EMC support and HDS support. Each company has a niche is specializes in. A little research can provide you with an enormous amount of storage investment wisdom.

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