Has Looney Tunes moved to Java Drive in Silly Con Valley?

Yesterday evening I was discussing NetApp’s cartoon customer characterizations with a couple of our mutual customers. We provide monitoring, maintenance and management of these customers filers after they buy them from NetApp. What really pissed these folks off was the way NetApp is taking away Command Line Interface, and then boasting about it, as an idea concocted by their cartoon characters. I had missed this when I read the article yesterday, because I was laughing so hard, but the engineer pointed it our to me while we were drinking a beer at Iron Hill Brewery.

Personas have led to replacing of the command line interface for the products (which required programming skills) to a ‘drag-n-drop’ one, so even a user who does not understand the nuances of the products can use it, he says.
I wonder if the NetApp product manager that come up with this is named “bullwinkle’ and has a degree from ‘Whatsamtta U’ ?

I know that our engineers think that taking away NetApp’s CLI seems like a pretty boneheaded idea . We think our storage customers are pretty smart folks, which is why we talk to them and visit them as often as we can. Customers want the most value they can get for their storage dollar. Can a company as large as NetApp really be this out of touch with its customers?

Which cartoon character came up with the idea of handicapping their new FAS2020 with only 1TB of memory?

You just can’t make this stuff up!

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