NetApp’s former partner Dell is going to ‘Clobber pricey NetApp’

It looks like Dell is about to try to get even with NetApp for past transgressions.

Dell: ‘We’ll clobber pricey NetApp with new iSCSI kit’
By Austin Modine in San Francisco
28 Jun 2007 02:30

Asthana said Dell will go after the big boys by reducing operational costs and making storage products that are customer installable and maintainable rather than services engagement needy. Dell certainly isn’t the only company gunning after SMBs with all-in-one, multi-protocol boxes, but Asthana feels Dell will set itself apart by crafting cheaper storage that doesn’t skimp on features.

“Some of our competitors are making cheaper storage devices, but they’re not more capable,” said Asthana. “They won’t do it because they don’t want to cannibalize their upper tier storage.”

I wonder how long is a strategic timeframe in these companies’ minds? This is from 1998…

WHEREAS, the parties wish to form a strategic alliance whereby Dell will
have the following rights on the terms and under the conditions set forth in
this Agreement: (i) to purchase and distribute on an OEM basis certain NetApp
filer products (pursuant to which OEM arrangement Dell would add to NetApp’s
filer products an exterior casing of Dell’s design, Dell brand markings, disk
drives (mass storage), memory (other than base memory) and NIC cards; (ii) to
have NetApp port NetApp’s filer operating system and related software for
operation on Dell manufactured platforms and to distribute such Dell platforms
with such ported NetApp’s filer operating system and related software; and (iii)
to manufacture filer products based on NetApp’s hardware designs and
incorporating existing (i.e., non-ported) NetApp filer operating system and
related software.

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