Creating a global strategy one customer at a time.

Over the last few years it has become clear that our business grows mostly by reference and referral. NetApp customers, like all technology consumers, need to get all the value out of their equipment that they can over the long run. NetApp’s sales force and technical sales engineers are evangelizing their new products to customers to sell product and make their quarterly numbers. Zerowait provides an independent, long term view which helps customers evaluate their current and future storage purchases strategically. Since Zerowait is an independent service and support business we can help customers evaluate their storage growth in light of their equipments specifications and work with hem to tweak their systems to get the most out of them.

Sometimes we speak to NetApp customers and they don’t understand what we do. Imagine that! 😉 Zerowait provides independent monitoring, maintenance and system management to customers of NetApp equipment. Through our monitoring services we can provide insights on how to maximize your storage systems usage, and we also provide advanced parts replacement at a price much lower than the OEM. Our maintenance services include system upgrades, drive swaps and storage migrations and tuning. Our management services include everything from helping customers specify their new equipment to managing our customers storage infrastructures.

Zerowait provides the complete range of services to NetApp customers who are looking for an independent view on managing their storage investment. NetApp makes great hardware and software, Zerowait helps you get the most out of your IT investment over the long term.

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