NetApp Costs Spiraling out of control? Zerowait has the answers, at a cost you can afford!

Earlier this week one of our oldest customers was telling me how tired he was of his NetApp sales & engineering team constantly trying to sell his company newer and more expensive storage and software. No matter how many times he tells them that he is happy with his current Filers, they turn the conversation toward the impending End of Availability of his equipment. Next they quote him draconian prices for his legacy maintenance and support. What he likes about Zerowait is that we are an independent company that helps him evaluate his actual costs of maintaining and managing his current storage infrastructure. With Zerowait service and support his storage planning is back in his hands instead of the pushy NetApp sales team’s. We allow him to concentrate on storage growth and management rather than on his vendor’s product release cycles and End of Life (EOL) announcements.

Successful NetApp system monitoring, maintenance & management can mean the difference between an efficiently run operation and one that’s grid-locked by vendor dictated equipment upgrades. With Zerowait on your side preventive maintenance and upgrade schedules can be based on usage thresholds defined by real world experience, and not by the manufacturer’s product release cycle, or the vendor’s sales quota.

Zerowait provides a simple, integrated set of services that can be tailored to your needs by department, by project, or by machine. Our flexible alert hierarchy allows you to automate preventive maintenance schedules based on thresholds you define. Zerowait offers a way to control your costs for acquisitions, upgrades and maintenance. Our customers told us they wanted a solution to out-of-control Network Appliance costs — and we delivered.

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