Now one Appliance can Toast, Griddle and make your Coffee! Buy one today!

Last month I was visiting with a customer who has a considerable investment in his NetApp storage¬†infrastructure. Management of his storage is becoming cumbersome because it has become a general purpose storage appliance. Storage is growing inversely to the staff’s ability to manage their storage resource. All they can do is continue to buy more raw storage and incorporate it into their general purpose volumes.

How many storage administrators are stuck storing everything and anything that is sent their way? Can an appliance do everything well? Of course not! But when storage administrators are forced to run a storage landfill specialization and performance seem to be of tertiary importance. Keeping the line of trash running and making certain there are no leaks is primary .

Jon Toigo speaks often about the need for Storage management, I think the time has come to start paying attention.

In many ways storage has become a landfill, that works good enough for most applications. Specialized appliances for High Availability and High performance storage will be coming soon, because people keep storing their trash with their customer, business & accounting records.

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