“To err is human. To blame it on somebody else is even more human.” Arthur Bloch

Yesterday one of my readers suggested I read the Blog of Dave Hitz. Dave is a founder of NetApp and has made a lot of money with his ideas and the ability of his staff to create and market his ideas to the world’s storage markets. It is because of his success that Zerowait is a vibrant, growing company servicing the legacy products that his company created but no longer wishes to maintain.

What concerned me was this comment on his blog.

“One of my frustrations with capitalism is that – on average – corporations seem much less interested in doing what’s right than individuals. (Perhaps spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations somehow inhibit moral behavior. Topic for another blog.) “

Dave has the power to change his company’s sales and marketing tactics, after all he is the founder of his company. If he is frustrated he should work to change the company from within. Dave can insist that marketing & Sales presentations are honest, he can and he should. A business’s ethics start at the top and filter down through the ranks.

Long term value in any company depends on integrity as perceived by its customers, vendors and employees. Zerowait provides disaffected NetApp customers with high availability and affordable monitoring, maintenance and management for legacy NetApp equipment. Our customers recognize that we provide the tools to get the most value out of their storage infrastructure with our service and support solutions. Ask our customers, they will tell you !

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