You can’t make this stuff up!

“Leonardi said the heat causes already dry surfaces to dry further — which in turn creates more heat. ” link

My question – Is this a new scientific breakthrough?

“Norwegian newspapers, citing research from Norway’s technical university, said a motorist would have to drive 13,000 kilometers in a car to emit as much CO2 as a moose does in a year.”

My question – How many people would want to drive a moose to work and back every day?

“NetApp built a cogeneration system that provides both power and cooling to its data center, but volatile energy prices have greatly changed the economics of the system since it was first installed four years ago. The lesson: combine heat and power (or CHP) systems may be green, but the payback can be unpredictable.” Link

My question – Hasn’t there always been an economic link between the raw commodity material costs and Return on Investment?

“There is a common misperception about how methane gets into the atmosphere,” Michael Abberton, a scientist at the Aberystwsth’s Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research, said Monday. “It is actually through belching rather than the other end.”

As we are all customers at some point we knew that there was a linkage between sales, marketing and Bovine. But Science has proven that we had everything backasswards

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