Expect everything? Are you ready for the power of a mobile Celeron for your enterprise storage? Rumor has hit that NetApp’s FAS2020 uses the chip for its processor.

According to Wikipedia
“Celeron is a brand name given by Intel Corp. to a large number of different x86 microprocessor models that they produced and marketed as a budget/value CPU line. The Celeron family complements Intel’s higher-performance (and more expensive) product lines (currently Core 2 Duo and formerly Pentium). Introduced in April 1998,[1] the first Celeron was based on the Pentium II core. Later versions were based on the Pentium III, Pentium 4, Pentium M, and Core 2 Duo. These processors are suitable for most applications, but their performance is somewhat limited when it comes to running intense applications, such as cutting edge games or graphical modeling programs, as compared to that of their high-end counterparts.[2] “

Personally, I can’t understand why NetApp would go cheap on the processor, since only a few dollars more would get a real chip for the unit. But maybe they are looking to only provide customers with limited performance? Maybe this product should be sold with the marketing line, “Shut up, Expect less and be satisfied!”

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