customers and conferences

Over the last week I have been traveling throughout the Southeast visiting customers and going to a meeting with the ASCDI in Key West. During the ASCDI convention there was a presentation by Michael Sacharski of Pacific Enterprise Capital which specializes in Chinese opportunity development for American companies. Michael put on a great presentation and the discussion that followed the presentation was quite interesting. Jon Toigo also put on a great presentation during the conference that kept the crowd interested in the changes in enterprise storage that we have gone through and we will be experiencing in the next few years. Jon and Michael both travel throughout the world and between the two presentations it was clear that business today has to be international in scope.

The customers I visited during the trip are all to one extent or another engaged in international business, and the storage services we provide them are helping them achieve their business success. One customer is looking to develop business in the UAE over the next year or so and asked us how we would provide them with hardware, service and support there. As the dollar gets devalued more and more, our equipment is being shipped overseas regularly, and the opportunities for business growth sometimes surprise our customers as much as they do me.

Mr Sacharski’s conversation with me revealed that there are opportunities for Zerowait to sell into China as their economic growth is causing them to require massive amounts of data storage. Affordable high availability storage is as interesting to Chinese organizations as it is to G8 nations. It will be interesting to see what develops.

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