Unlock your storage potential

Over the last week I have visited clients in Western PA and also spoke with quite a few on the phone about the costs of maintaining their storage infrastructure and the options for making their current storage last a lot longer than their original plan. One customer we work with just decommissioned their NetApp 630 which they have been running since 1997. We helped them maintain it as a rock solid platform so they could maximize their storage potential for many years. They saved a fortune avoiding upgrades from NetApp.

Tuning NetApp storage equipment so that it can provide our customers with the maximum ROI and lifespan is a specialty of our engineering department. And it saves our customers money in a number of ways.
1) We help our customers avoid the high cost of data migrations.
2) We allow our customers to maximize the storage potential of their systems. Often providing storage beyond the marketing literature limits they were told the equipment could support.
3) We provide support for equipment so that it remains the High Availability pillar of our customers’ storage architectures.

We recognize that our customers are looking for a good deal, and the best deal in the storage business often turns out to be to avoid the upgrade and unleash the potential of your current storage architecture. At Zerowait we specialize in helping our customers maximize their ROI on their NetApp equipment. I hope you will give us a call if your budget is tight, or for example, you may want to add more storage to your current very reliable NetApp 900 series platform to extend its lifespan and utility. If so, give us a call 888.811.0808 ,we look forward to helping you unlock your NetApp’s storage potential.

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