Storage efficiency

I read this and thought “Wow – here is a guy that may actually understand the value of maintenance and storage management. “

Other things mentioned in article:

“Most enterprise data centers utilize only about 15 to 35 percent of the entire storage capacity available. The remainder is used for unexpected overhead, locked out of accessibility, intentionally kept for some other purpose or simply lost track of over time.”

All of it requires spinning disks and electricity from the grid that costs money on the bottom line, whether or not the storage is in service.

“We had one customer who told us that they were managing massive information growth. They estimated they were using 50 percent of their storage. We showed them they were only using 20 percent,” Salem said.

“What you need are storage management solutions that work across different platforms and give you an end-to-end view of the storage you have, the storage you’re using and the storage you’re not.

It is not just electricity usage, maintenance, square footage, information density or response time that defines storage efficiency it is all of them and viewed from different perspectives depending on the application using the storage resource.

If one solution fit all situations we would be all driving the same cars and all our houses would look the same. And there would be no innovation at all. When things get hard, it is a good time to look at your storage infrastructure and rediscover the inefficiencies, and concentrate on solving those bottlenecks. Actually, now is a good time to review all of your infrastructure costs.

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