That is a lot of Coffee!

IT budgets are under pressure and shrinking in many companies, but according to Computerworld one company is focusing on the price of coffee cups their IT department uses.

Companies are also looking beyond technology and personnel to cut IT costs. For example, Herbalife is saving $70,000 annually just by eliminating the purchase of Styrofoam coffee cups for IT workers, said Hansen.

These guys must be drinking a tremendous amount of coffee, and I wonder how many folks are in the IT department.

Uline sells coffee cups for $41.00 for 1000 12 oz cups. I calculated this out and if the $70,000 figure is true …. $70,000.00 / $41.00 = 1707.317 packages of 1000 cups (1,707,317 cups) with 250 working days a year 6829 cups a day… That is a lot of coffee and must be a huge staff. Imagine what they are paying for the coffee itself!

I don’t know how much storage and infrastructure these folks manage, but they must have excellent coffee and one great plumbing system. How do they get any work done?

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