Business is improving at Zerowait

While the overall US economy seems to be stuck in a sort of malaise, Zerowait’s business is growing nicely. The number of new customers we have gotten this year, as well as the overall increase in business has us looking at opening new locations and adding additional staff and warehouse space.

The uncertainty of the business and tax environment is causing many companies to embrace our independent NetApp support, and our SimplStor product line is flourishing. I am often asked ” which business sectors are growing fastest for Zerowait?” I explain that our customers are not concentrated in any vertical market, but seem to be in the horizontal marketplace of high availability storage and are looking for ways to lower their costs of storage acquisition and maintenance.

It seems that our new customers are primarily looking for value and reliability, and we seem to be fulfilling these requirements for more and larger customers and installations. In uncertain times, we provide an affordable security blanket for many companies.

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