UK NEWS – Zerowait Introduces SimplStor Petabyte with Single Namespace for Less than £250,000

Manchester, UK (Vocus) August 25, 2010

Over the last decade, Zerowait has worked with many of NetApp’s largest customers to reduce their costs of storage. During the Financial Panic of 2008 and 2009 some of these customers asked Zerowait to develop an affordable Petabyte storage solution offering Single Namespace support.

Mike Linett, President of Zerowait said, ‘Our customers have guided the development of this product from the beginning. The idea of an affordable Petabyte originated with one of our large scientific customers, and the need was confirmed by several of our well known animation customers. We’re confident our clients will find SimplStor a reliable, cost effective solution for large volume secondary storage.’

Storage industry analysts are taking notice. ‘Zerowait is out in front of a nagging set of trends, regulatory and economic, that see companies searching for an effective method for storing large quantities of file based data for many years,’ says Jon Toigo, noted tech industry watchdog and consumer ombudsman and CEO of Toigo Partners International. “Zerowait SimplStor is truly customer driven and tuned, both in terms of cost of ownership and capacity, to what businesses need today to cope with the data deluge.”

Farat Buta, Director of European Operations says, ‘Our customers have been asking us when we would be providing the affordable SimplStor Petabyte product in Europe. We pushed to introduce it in September as this is when many of our customers are finalizing their budgets’. When asked about the cost of a Petabyte of storage Mr. Buta said, “SimplStor’s price point is significantly lower than the competition and provides our customers with a reliable, cost effective replacement for their tape archives.”

Mr. Buta continued, ‘Our customers require enterprise level service and support, and insisted that we integrate an automated support solution into the SimplStor product line. SimplSupport met or exceeded their expectations’. Mr. Buta added, ‘SimplStor is a Single Namespace Petabyte storage solution with a price point that competes with cloud archive solutions without the security issues of an outsourced solution.’

‘The response to our SimplStor Petabyte has been extremely strong, and during the week of August 30th, 2010 we will be meeting with a number of customers in the UK to finalize their configurations and delivery schedules.’ said Michael Linett

About Zerowait Corporation: Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware (USA), Zerowait is internationally recognized for honesty, integrity and expertise in third-party, high-availability NetApp data storage and support solutions. 302.996.9408

For more info on our UK and European services contact Farat Buta – Manchester, UK – (+44) (0) 800.0121.801

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