The Cure for NetApp Headaches

Zerowait has been working with NetApp equipment since 1998, and over the years we have diagnosed three common causes for our customers’ headaches:

First – NetApp’s post warranty support is very expensive.

Second– NetApp uses expensive post warranty support to push hardware upgrades too soon – and they are also too expensive and hard to cost justify.

Third – NetApp’s autosupports are difficult to interpret and hard to explain to management.

Working with our clients we have developed treatments to cure these maladies:

First – To solve the headaches caused by out of control NetApp support costs, Zerowait’s customers rely on our ZPA support contracts that start at just $1500/yr. With 24/7 access to engineers, next business day hardware replacement and Exception Reporter monitoring autosupports, our customers tell us the only difference between Zerowait and NetApp is the price. For your mission critical systems, affordable on site spares kits are readily available and provide for immediate replacement of failed components.

Second – To relieve the pain of the migraine caused by NetApp’s prices for storage expansions and upgrades, Zerowait can provide plug and play storage shelves and off lease transferable licensed equipment that is eligible for NetApp support or Zerowait’s affordable alternatives.

Third – Zerowait’s Exception Reporter provides an easy to understand dashboard of capacity and performance that even management can understand! Additionally, Exception Reporter includes a searchable knowledgebase of issues and answers that has been developed over years of working with filers.

For a limited time Zerowait is offering our weekly Exception Reporter for free to the NetApp community. This handy tool will help you diagnose and maintain your high availability storage. Please click on this link to sign up for this great stress reduction tool and reduce your management headaches.

We understand that there are common problems and unique issues which Storage Administrators face on a daily basis. If you would like our help in diagnosing your Filers issues please give us a call at any of our international offices to discuss your problems with one of our technical experts.

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