Australia and New Zealand

As many of our customers know I have been traveling in Australia and New Zealand visiting our customers here. Interest in our SimplStor storage products is strong among the media, entertainment, insurance and financial industries of Australia and New Zealand. The media and entertainment business in particular is experiencing growing storage requirements due to the requirements of High Definition and 3D as is highlighted in this article:

* “Data storage is among the fastest growing industries in the world and the segment has witnessed unprecedented activity in terms of M&As over the past year.”

* “In recent years the advent of social media and increased user activity on the web has led to rapid increase in digital content creation and sharing, sparking a tremendous rise in demand for data storage.”

* “Large Sized 3D Videos and High Resolution Images to Drive Demand”

While storage growth is not as vigorous in the financial and insurance sectors as in the entertainment business, it is still strong for Zerowait due to the requirements for an affordable complementary archive storage solution like SimplStor.

SimplStor is based on our customers’ design requirements for a reliable and affordable secondary storage and archival disk solution. Based on the enthusiastic responses we’ve received from the folks I have been meeting with, I believe we met our customers’ requirements.

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