What is increasing in this list?

1) Your CapEx budget for Network Storage infrastructure.

2) Your OpEx budget for Operation expenses like service and support.

3) Zerowait’s international service and support business for NetApp hardware.

Well, that was pretty easy. Zerowait’s service and support business is booming because it is a very rare company that has an increasing IT budget for storage hardware or services, even though demand  for storage is increasing all the time. That is why more and more companies around the world are contacting  our international offices for service and support quotes for their NetApp equipment. In the USA  our NetApp support prices start at just $1500.00 a year.

In 2012 we expect our service business to grow 25% based on the current trend line. I hope that we can discuss your NetApp infrastructure support costs over the next few months.  Since the new year we have added  new customers who love NetApp’s reliability but due to budget restrictions  have embraced Zerowait’s  attractive prices  on NetApp filers with transferable licenses.

Additionally, why not try our Free Exception Reporter  to help  you manage your NetApp infrastructure?  Organizations  around the world rely on it to help them manage their storage and its associated costs.



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