Honesty and Transparency

I spent a good part of March in our Australian office near Sydney. During my  time there I visited several of our customers and friends. Our NetApp support business is well established and growing rapidly in Australia and several customers asked us if we could add support for other equipment to our hardware coverage and support business. Our Australian customers recognize that we provide honest and transparent service and support, and they would like us to maintain more of their systems.

Our internal systems which maintain our inventory of parts and service policies were all written in house, and by making some simple adaptations we can provide service and support for other hardware vendor’s products that our customers want to us to maintain.

Our  Australian customers  often use the term “ the tyranny of distance” to describe the problems they have with the delays in getting freight and the costs associated with deliveries over the vast distances to Australia and within their country.  They like that our global inventory system and service policies automatically track parts delivered from our depots so that their parts replenishment is seamless and quick.

In order to provide our global customers with the global service and support they need we built a highly integrated knowledge base to provide timely information for  our engineers, customers, and warehouse personnel. The only part of the replenishment process that Zerowait does not control is the international freight companies and customs. And no matter how hard we try to overcome the hurdles of international freight and customs, we end up with unexpected delays. Our integrated systems take this into account and we hold extra parts in our Sydney warehouse due to the delays caused by freight companies, customs, and the tyranny of distance.

As our company grows our customers around the world know they can depend on Zerowait to deliver on our promises and to uphold our commitments. Honesty and Transparency are  the most important factors in our growth, since most of our growth is from the referrals of our customers.

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