Focusing on our customers’ requirements

Last week I was in North Carolina visiting customers and at one of my stops our client told me that his NetApp support quote for his 3020 cluster was over $11,000.00 which he thought was ridiculous. He heard about Zerowait from several peers and was interested by what he heard, and so he did some research. His organization is now a customer of ours.

During our conversation he wanted to know about our company, and was surprised to hear that just the week before I was visiting clients in Sydney, Australia. Since 2002 when Zerowait went into the independent service and support business at the request of our NetApp clients, we have grown into a global parts and service business. I believe that the best way to understand your clients’ requirements is to go on as many customer visits as you can. I have learned a lot over the years from visiting with our customers, and occasionally the discussions I have result in new products for our customers.

Our SimplStor products were developed based on the input and requests of our customers, and recently a few of our clients have asked us to provide support for other parts of their network infrastructures. Our HD Rail Kits were also developed based on customer input, and these have proven to be very handy for our customers with constantly growing infrastructures.

Zerowait’s customers know that they can depend on our team to come up with solutions to their problems. And we are helping our clients meet their goals from our offices in around the world.

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