Changes in Federal Storage Procurement

Zerowait provides hardware support and transferable licensed NetApp filers to a lot of Federal, State, and Military organizations. The Federal government and Military, in particular, typically hold on to Enterprise storage equipment longer than the commercial market does. Therefore, Zerowait’s NetApp Legacy support business for government organizations is growing steadily. Zerowait can and does save the agencies tremendous amounts of money, but due to the complex procurement process it takes quite some time to acquire new business from the Government. Perhaps this new IT procurement initiative will make the process a little more efficient.

“Federal agencies will be moving significant portions of their annual IT spending to “commodity” type procurement vehicles by the end of 2012. As part of continuing reforms in IT acquisition and management, the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has directed agencies to immediately begin the process of consolidating IT procurement, with a focus on shared service arrangements.

The initiative is designed to accelerate the adoption of more efficient private sector IT acquisition practices by federal agencies.

“The stovepiped and complex nature of the federal enterprise has led over the years to a proliferation of duplicative and low priority investments in information technology,” Jeffrey Zients, acting director of OMB, said in a March 31 memo.”

However, as Doug Gaines mentions in the article:

“OMB states boldly that the new annual portfolio review process will ‘ensure that any inertia, which would relegate the federal government to the status quo, be rooted out on a recurring basis.’ But the Clinger-Cohen law set out to address many of the same issues in 1996, and the pace of progress has been glacial in the following years,” Gaines noted.

“Perhaps growing budget austerity will be the catalyst for real change,” he said.

Zerowait has been providing outstanding service and support to Government agencies for most of our 23 years in business, over the last 15 years our business with Federal, Military, and State IT groups has grown to about 15% of our annual business. As budgets tighten the government organizations we deal with are keeping their equipment longer and are looking for affordable high reliability service and support. And they know they can depend on Zerowait’s affordable high availability alternative to expensive OEM service support programs.

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