Archival data like old soldiers, never dies — but can’t be allowed to fade away.

This week I was visiting some of our North Carolina customers. Our customers have some pretty diverse business models, but one thing they all have in common is the desire to cut the costs of their operations to increase their profit margins.  Only the government considers a slowdown in the rate of the increase in expenses to be a cut.

I heard a number of times this week that Zerowait is helping our customers meet their goals. Our staff is dedicated to customer support and we listen to what are customers are saying so we can provide solutions that answer their specific needs. We can usually meet or exceed the service levels that our competitors are providing while offering significant savings. For example, when it comes to Archival storage a lot of our customers are very satisfied with using their legacy NetApp equipment for their tier 2 and tier 3 archival needs.  Our savvy customers recognize that their legacy NetApp equipment is not suddenly less reliable just because a new model is out.  They recognize that purchasing new equipment for archival solutions is cost prohibitive and if they can maintain their older NetApp equipment it will work perfectly well for their archival needs. And the savings can be applied to other IT priorities in today’s always stretched budget. For these Zerowait customers, our service and support provides a real value easily calculated as the savings over new equipment and migration costs.

One of the customers I visited is using LUSTRE in a big storage environment. In their case they don’t need high performance; they just have a lot of data. SATA drives are fine and they use massive arrays of inexpensive disks to build out their environment.  They were one of the customers who helped us put together our SimplStor product, and they are always doing something interesting that is pushing the boundaries. I learn something every time I visit them, and this week’s visit was no exception.

It’s clear that the amount of data being generated continues to grow, even as companies find it harder and harder to delete anything, whether for regulatory, legal or business reasons. Whether the solution is repurposing your older NetApp systems, or moving to SimplStor for low cost, highly dense disk archive, Zerowait provides the most cost effective solution. Please give us a call so we can help you implement the best solution for your archive requirements.

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