Zerowait Engineering is now in Sydney

I was in sydney Opera from KirribilliAustralia and New Zealand for the last couple of weeks and I had a great time visiting our customers in the region with our new APAC Engineer Kim Pearce. Like so many of our employees, Kim met us as a customer, one thing led to another and we decided that it would be good for everyone if he joined our team of engineers supporting  legacy NetApp equipment and our SimplStor installations around the world. Kim spent most of the month of July at our Delaware facility learning our operational procedures.

Kim has vast experience in storage in the VFX business, one of the global markets where Zerowait has a large and growing customer base, because the VFX business needs a lot of affordable and reliable storage. VFX is one of those business niches where our business has grown based on the referrals of our customers and the reputation of our company. This is especially true for our growth in the APAC region.  One of our Australian VFX customers asked us to open an office in Sydney at the end of 2010, and  we opened in January of 2011. In the 2 ½ years since then we have built a sizable business, and based on that growth we needed to add to our engineering team to help our customers maintain their storage infrastructures. Providing great service to our customers helps us continue to grow; as one customer tells another our business continues to prosper.

So if you call our engineering support line and hear an Australian accent, that will be Kim. If you are an engineer in the VFX business, you probably already know or have heard of him, and if you are in another business sector you can be certain that Kim will be able to provide you with the expert support you need for your critical storage infrastructure. After all, for over 22 years our company has grown globally by providing our customers honest and dependable service and support to help them meet their business goals and sleep soundly at night.

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